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It’s finally finished! Click here to download a PDF of the Welcome to Night Vale role-playing game, which I wrote and which ten artists provided illustrations for. If you missed your copy at Norwescon, you can still possess this mysterious artifact!

This game uses a simple 2d6 system: even if you’ve never done tabletop role-playing before, it will take mere minutes to learn, and all you need are a couple friends and two regular old six-sided dice.

Be warned that this game has NOT been play-tested — whether or not playing it causes stars to appear (or disappear) in the night sky, or its effect on the nervous systems of household pets in its vicinity, is still unknown.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my contributing artists, all of whom created original pieces in exchange for nothing but the satisfaction of a job weirdly done: monstersanosa, moriartylaughingalonewithcrown, zenamiarts, pizza-soup, strexiest, themonsterghost, goddess-in-green, idontevenknow-anymore, astrogyaru, and female—president. Even if you don’t do tabletop gaming, download this PDF for the AMAZING illustrations. :D

Feedback can be directed towards our various and sundry Ask boxes. Please let the artists know how much you appreciate their work!

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